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Looking to build an Outdoor Kitchen? Our team will expertly build a versatile, fully functional and entertaining kitchen right in your back yard!

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Looking to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

Let our experienced professionals here at Marcese Construction Management assist you with designing and building your outdoor kitchen that not only will be beautiful, but will add value to your home and fun for your family and friends. From permitting to completion, our team will skillfully turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis!

Benefit of residing in Florida

A huge benefit of residing in Florida is the weather. It’s practically summer all year long. Because of this, outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. In addition to being able to enjoy cooking and eating while outside in Florida’s warm and sunny weather, an outdoor kitchen provides the comfort of being indoors. Our crew will guide you in determining the best location, size, and plan of your kitchen, including lighting, counters and sinks, cabinetry, barbecue grills, and the installation of other outdoor kitchen appliances.

Before You Start your Project

When planning for your outdoor kitchen, it should be a space that allows you to enjoy cooking outdoors even during the cooler months. Although residents of southwest Florida don’t experience a “real” winter, there still are days during those winter months that get chilly.

Marcese Construction Management can create a design to suit your needs whether it is warm or cool.

What should you consider when deciding on a design for your Outdoor Kitchen?

There are many factors to consider before having an outdoor kitchen built. The location of your kitchen will be the first decision you will need to make, and probably the most important. Where the kitchen will be located will determine the size, shape and the components that can be included. The size of your yard, whether or not the kitchen will be inside a lanai, or the distance from your house are also important factors when designing a plan.

It’s humid in Florida, especially during summer, so the type of flooring should be carefully thought through. Some tile and marble can be slippery when wet. You will want to choose your tile carefully if you or your guests have small children who may be running around. If you have a wooden deck, you’ll want to make sure it is re-stained or re-painted so that it matches and blends well with your new outdoor kitchen.

The number and size of appliances you would like in your outdoor kitchen will be a factor in determining the entire size of the project. You will need to decide how much counter space you will want for prepping meals and cooking, room necessary for utensils and platters, and if you will want to offer seating at the counters. All of this will also determine how many appliances will fit, as well as the size of the appliances. Once it is time to pick out your countertops you need to think about a surface that is easy to clean, waterproof, and resilient to the outdoor elements.

Besides a grill and refrigeration, there are many other appliances that can be added to an outdoor kitchen. You may also want to include a sink, where plumbing will come into play. When choosing your cabinets, take into consideration the number of guests you typically entertain. You definitely want to make sure you have plenty of storage


Remember, it is important to choose reliable appliances that can handle sun and rain, are durable and require low maintenance. And all of the components of your outdoor kitchen should be strategically arranged so you are comfortable with your working space without making the area look or feel overcrowded.

Don’t forget about cool features like outdoor lighting. Specialty lighting will not only lengthen your time outside during the evening hours, but it also will ensure safety when it is dark when people are walking around, especially near the grill. Complete your kitchen with outdoor dining furniture and decorative accessories for table tops and counters. Then… relax and enjoy!

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